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The future depends onwhat you do in the present
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Client Testimonials

"I made a choice to seek help with my anger and found Jenny Harmon. Prior to my sessions with Jenny, I was convinced I had a mental disorder because of uncontrollable outbursts. I learned to change my behavior, secured tools to use and found out there really is nothing wrong with me that could not be fixed. I am so thankful and happy now, it's changed my relationships"

M.B. -  East Nashville, TN


"In a time of chaos and transition in my life, I am thankful to have found Jenny to work with. She is such a caring person who sees through to the heart of things. Jenny provides an environment that promotes vulnerability. She truly cares for her clients and their well-being and has walked along side me through some of my darkest days. I cannot express enough what an influence having her has been and how much of a blessing she is to whoever she works with."

G.J. - Franklin, TN


"Let me start out by saying that Jenny is a phenomenal therapist. Seeking therapy is not an easy task. You want to find someone who you are comfortable with and who will suit your needs. We sought out therapy for couple’s therapy. My significant other of course was skeptical of what therapy could do for us, but I told him I knew it would make a difference in our lives and it has! Our sessions have brought us so much peace and resolve from our troubles. When they say therapy is a “safe place;” I can truly say Jenny brings those words to life. We have become stronger because of our time with Jenny and we look forward to continuing therapy with her. She is bold and intuitive, but also nurturing. I couldn’t imagine us seeing anyone else."

P.T. - Old Hickory, TN


"When I met Jenny, my life was quickly spiraling out of control. At the time, I was experiencing a divorce, financial concerns, and a serious lack of direction for my life. I can attest it was the first time in my life I truly felt hopeless. Jenny’s warm and gentle openness, along with her ability to empathize gives you a feeling of home. Her awareness of my unspoken needs when I wasn’t able to articulate them, was astounding. She is very patient and one of those people you meet and intuitively know you can trust them. She continues to guide me in the direction of my life path.  

D.M. - Brentwood, TN


"Jenny has helped me come such a long way. She is so easy to talk to and I feel completely comfortable telling her about the situations I am going through and she never judges - no matter the situation. She is always accommodating and easy to get in contact with between sessions."

A.V. - Mt. Juliet, TN